Our hope is that this map is a piece of art that is treasured in your home for a lifetime. A piece of art that has a special meaning, A special place in your heart, transformed into a one of a kind letterpressed art print to remind you of this place everyday.



Each custom piece requires a design chat with someone on our team to go over specifics of what you would like included on your map. This typically is about a 15 minute conversation. What location are we designing for you? Is there something specific that is meaningful that you would like us to include? Some examples of this might include where on the map your business lies, or where you got married, where your first child was born, where you went on your honeymoon, a special trip you took that you want us to outline. Sky is the limit here!

Once that is worked through, you’ll receive a digital proof with two chances to refine, after that a $250 up charge per proof will be applied.

Your custom map will follow the same basic design as our existing city prints, with the option to customize a few details that are important to you. 


Our Roam city prints are outlined in a metallic copper foil. We won’t be able to accommodate that detail for this experience. With that being said, we can letterpress any color of your choice, we just cannot foil (it is way too costly to do just a few prints).

Letterpess is a total lablor of love. The press set up alone is extremely costly and takes a ton of time to get all lined up and registered per color, not to mention the plates costs associated with each color. These are antiques presses we are printing on, so things do take a time and this is a 100% hand crafted item, hence the price to justify the low quantity production of the piece.


You’ll receive 5-10 different copies of your custom map printed on bright white 100 LB cover stock. You’ll also receive one additional print framed with any of our frames listed on the site (matte or no matte - black, white or natural) 


Our turn around time for a custom printed piece to be delivered varies from 4-6 weeks which starts the next business day after you sign your final proof approval.


A 50% deposit is due to start the design process. Once your final proof is approved the other 50% is due before we go to print. Pricing is as follows:

1 color 15 x 20 print is $2500

2 color 15 x 20 print is  $3800

3 color 15 x 20 print is $5000

If you would like another size, please do let us know. We have size restrictions per press and cannot go lany larger than 15 x 20.


Since this is a compltely custom piece, returns or exchanges cannot be accepted.


Hand out to family members, you have up to 10 prints, so this would be the perfect personalized gift for you all to share. These custom pieces are for personal use only and may not be sold or distributed commercially in any way.