Situated on 140 acres of heaven.

As a creative studio, lots of our time is spent finding inspiration. We wanted to create a space to show you what kinds of things make our minds go wild. A quick glimpse of what gets the creative juices flowing in the creative process.


Owner & Creative Genius

The brains and the creative force behind all things 42 Pressed. She runs the press on 100 degree days when no one else can, stocks the warehouse in the rain and makes us coffee when we're brain dead. She’s wildly passionate about her people and graciously devoted to her work. On the days that Jackie isn't working her butt off in the studio or branding for her bad ass clients, you can find her bird watching and hanging with her sweet family out on Wadmalaw Island. Or sleeping.

Tyler & River

CFO Wiz & Sunshine toddler

He didn't like the Charleston print at first... But here we are. Half CFO, half motivational speaker. Borderline creative, borderline determined salesman. He preaches over and over again to not be afraid of the sale because let's be honest, most of us creatives ARE! He seriously will stop everything he's doing to help a stranger. Passionate in all his endeavors and the first to throw on a crazy wig and put on a show for us all. If you didn't already know, Tyler is Jackie's other half. 

And River, the added sweetness to all of our days.


Thing Do-er

When we say thing do-er, that's just it, she does alllll the things. Simply put, we couldn't operate without Dain. From wholesale and e-commerce fulfillment to emotional counselor slash therapist, she keeps us all sane. She problem solves, strategizes, and shows up for literally every situation. Simply put, she's our glue that keeps the day to day operations running smoothly. A sweet and hilarious soul, everyday we're thankful for this harlequin great dane.


Director of Happiness

You can usually find Riley in the studio crafting in the afternoon, barcoding candles for large retail orders or singing every word to our playlists. Riley tends to be the most opinionated when it comes to the day to day operations around here. She's the real boss.